Euro 2012 – The 2nd biggest football championship, after the World Cup, is around the corner. It is a month long competition among 16 European nations to compete for the European holy grail. Football fans around the world are looking forward to the 1st kick off on 8 June in Poland, one of the host nation together with Ukraine

Spain, the winner of the same championship 4 year ago, is arguably the best contender to defend its title. However, Germany, Nedherland, France and England are also striving to fight to be crowned as the King of Europe.

Ironically, not only the football fans who have interests on Europe but also the economists and investors around the world. This year marks the 3rd year of Europe economy turmoil which started from country as small as Greece to greater economy like Italy and Spain.

Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain (popularly known as the PIIGS) are struggling to keep their domestic and the regional economy in line. Unemployment rates reach record high, more and more austerities are implemented, bonds and equities slump. Despite all these, the competition must go on. It would be interesting to see how the PIIGS perform in the European championship. Will any of the PIIGS turn out to be crowned as King of Europe? It would be interesting to find it out soon.